The Meeting of the Food Trucks

July 27th, 2010 |1 Comment »

The owners of the participating food trucks gathered yesterday to discuss the big things happening at the Foodie Fest on 8/28 as well as to answer any questions they had. Food trucks owners from trucks like The TacoDawg, India Jones, Longboards, The Sweets Truck, Seabirds, and more gathered at the site of the Fest at the Honda Center as the Foodie Fest team led the discussions, passed out goodies courtesy of our sponsors Kind Bar, Fiji Water, and PopChips, and distributed the cool new flyers and posters for each truck to pass out!

The owners were definitely excited as details were announced and finalized for the event. Additionally, for all the Foodie Fest fans out there, be sure to stop by your favorite food trucks and pick up a flyer from them with their unique promotional codes to receive a 10% discount!

Check out the gallery of food truck owners and see if you can guess which ones are which!

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  1. Please publish the flyers and cards online so we can use them as graphics to promote the event on our blogs! [smile] Sometimes a graphic goes a long way!

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