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Frysmith elevates french fries from a lowly side dish to the main course. Hand-cut potatoes and sweet potatoes are fried in canola oil and topped with good things like Jidori chicken, heirloom pork belly, Angus beef and, of course, cheese! The menu ties together the myriad flavors of Southern California that husband-and-wife team Erik Cho and Brook Howell grew up with. Kimchi Fries feature kimchi paired with braised Kurobuta pork belly. The Rajas Fries team steak marinated shawarma style with roasted poblanos and caramelized onions. While making delicious, unique dishes is a priority, Frysmith also cares deeply about the environment and the way food is raised, sourcing only free-range chicken, cage-free eggs and factory-free pork. All packaging is biodegradable or easily recyclable and Frysmith even runs their truck’s engine off of recycled fry oil!

The variety of toppings dreamed up by the Frysmith team is pretty remarkable. Even their chili cheese fries, which sound simple, are made from a chili recipe that includes Angus beef, beer, and chocolate.

Learn more about Frysmith by following them on Twitter, checking out their website, or scoping out their Facebook page.

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