Meet Our Food Trucks | Louks

August 26th, 2010 |No Comments »

Louks owner Aki Vourakis is a first generation Greek-American. His menu is comprised of the foods he has enjoyed the most during his visits to Greece. Many of the ingredients you’ll find on Aki’s truck, including the feta cheese, honey, olive oil, spices, and Kalamata olives are imported directly from Greece.

What does Aki make with those special ingredients? There are gyros, of course, but you can also get lamb chops, a loukaniko plate (Greek sausage with feta cheese on a bed of fries and pita), skewers, salads, tzatziki fries, or loukoumades (Aki calls them louks), which are balls of fried dough that you can order topped with Nutella, powdered sugar, strawberries, or honey. Those louks are so tasty that blogger Anna Abatzoglou of Banana Wonder called them “one of the superstars” of the Louks meal she had.

See what Louks is up to through their Twitter feed, website, or Facebook page.

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