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August 27th, 2010 |View Comments

Chunk-n-Chip has been producing artisanal ice cream sandwiches since 2007, but just launched their truck this month. These aren’t just your basic combinations of cookies and ice cream, however; the Chunk-n-Chip team calls them “BOO-Yahs!!!” after the exclamation that many of their fans make after trying one.

The cookies are made old-world style—handcrafted in small batches with premium, all-natural ingredients, just like mom used to make. The ice cream, like the cookies, is made in small batches so that you get the creamiest, freshest treats possible. And the flavors—oh the flavors! There’s Moo-lan Rouge (red velvet cookie/white chocolate fudge ice cream), Gilligan’s Island (lemon zest/ginger), Nuts for Peanuts (peanut butter/peanut butter cup), Chocolate Whammy (chocolate brownie/rocky road), and so much more. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try the Goober Doober: it’s got one chocolate chip and one chocolate brownie cookie that do their best to contain two scoops of ice cream (mint chip and vanilla bean). There will also be one new BOO-Yah!! and three new ice cream flavors making their debut on Saturday.

Get over to the Chunk-n-Chip website now to start narrowing down your choices for the Foodie Fest! You can also get the latest updates on their Twitter feed and Facebook page.

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  • Christina Lowe

    I am so excited to see Chunk-n-Chip tomorrow at the Fest!!! I have never had a BOO-Yah!! before and I won a free off of Twitter - totally stoked to experience this tomorrow yaaaa

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