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High school buddies Melvin Chua, Michael Dimaguila, and Chef James Du began serving their favorite childhood Filipino foods with an American and Mexican twist in 2010 and since have gained a huge following of devoted foodies. On the popular list of meats is the sisig pork, which is a deep fried pork belly, chopped and pan fried in a medley of onions and jalapeños. Yelper Alex P. wrote, “If you are a pork lover, like I am, the sisig burrito is porky heaven.” And lucky for us, you’ll be in porky heaven with Alex P. when the White Rabbit Truck rolls into the 2011 OC Foodie Fest!

And did we mention the 6 POUND BURRITO CHALLENGE?! It has been featured on Food Network’s Man vs. Food and you can sure bet that they mean business! The burrito is almost 2ft long, and contains, 6 eggs, 3lbs of any choice of meat, 6 scoops of rice, 12 cheese slices, all wrapped in 6 tortillas. The ultimate challenge is to eat it all within 45 minutes!

The victor will then receive a White Rabbit limited edition T-Shirt, which allows for 50% off future purchases. To sign up for the challenge, email info@whiterabbittruck.com, but should your stomach fail you and plummet you into the Foodie Hall of Shame, be prepared to fork over $20 for the massive burrito! And if that wasn’t enough for our Foodies who Never Say Full, try the White Chocolate Champorado for dessert it’s DE-lish!

  • Loversandmonsters

    i attempted to do this the other day and only had 30 minutes. unfortunately i threw up trying to cram my mouth full with 2 minutes left.