K-Snacks from the Ahn-Joo Star!

August 22nd, 2011 |No Comments »

A variety of grub, from small to large and even sweet, Ahn-Joo the Korean Snack Bar leaves everyone wanting more! To get you in on the culture, Ahn-Joo means “snack” at a pub and is called k-snack for short! Their delicious grub will have you feeling adventurous and satisfied!

We’re recommending you try any of their small grub to taste a bit of everything, really you can’t go wrong with any of them, and their grilled Nutella bhang which looks like a chocolate grilled cheese sandwich is a must!

Chef Debbie Lee is also someone to take note of, being a contestant on the Next Food Network Star and making it all the way to the final three, she definitely knows what she’s cookin! From her Korean heritage to her background of being raised in Mississippi, she has the best of soul Seoul food!


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