I feel that for the 11 months of the year that are not October, I think of great Halloween costumes and say to myself, “Self, remember this for Halloween!” However, as soon as September ends and we wake up (yes, that was a Green Day reference), all of my amazing/pop culture relevant/incredibly punny costume ideas are missing in action.

For those of you who are not quite sure what day/month/year we’re in, I’m here to tell you that Halloween is next week. On top of that, it lands on a Saturday, making it a Halloweekend aka Thursday night ratchet costume clubbing, Friday night at a bar in a chic costume lounging, and Saturday in your best costume turning up – and if you’re up for it, a Sunday Funday in a poorly executed yet somehow best photographed costume of the weekend.

I’ll be calling in sick on Monday.

5 Last Minute Halloween Costume

Here are a few last minute costumes that you can come up with easily! You may have to order a few pieces online, but it’s ok.

Say it with me: “expedited shipping.”


No, not Minogue (where has she been). There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing a lot of Kylies; she’s made a name for herself with iconic looks throughout the year, so make sure you do it right. You too can feel like you’re barely legal and dating a 25 year old.


I don’t know what it is about Halloween but we like to make every animal sexy. Do you think sexy bunnies really exist, munching on a carrot and batting their eyelashes at other bunnies hoppin’ around? I’m not quite sure, but honestly, we don’t have time to ponder about this because Halloweekend is next week, so let’s all promise to think about this idea next year. In the meantime, order a pair of ears, get a little black dress and call it a day.



If you didn’t catch Kanye’s reveal of his line with Adidas at NYFW, you’re missing out on the most versatile line – really. According to social media, these pieces can be used as The Walking Dead wardrobe and a lookbook for the Jedi Academy.

So what will you need for the costume? Easy!


There’s no doubt that the anticipation for this movie was very real; the reactions and responses the books elicited on middle aged women were very… interesting, to say the least. But how will you present yourself as this series turned movie? A grey shirt and sweat pants? Why not 50 of these bad boys taped all over your body?

Just visit your local Home Depot or Lowes and get some tape. This will probably be the cheapest costume you could come up with, but think of it as a reimbursement to your movie ticket if you watched it in theaters.


If you haven’t been watching Empire on FOX, you are missing out on so much that I will personally email you a site for you to stream the whole first season for free. I don’t care what you say though, because we all know that Cookie is the best character on the show.

[gif → https://media.giphy.com/media/13LE0091PFj66s/giphy.gif]

This can go one of two ways. We can either wear anything fur/cheetah/leopard print, OR…


Tasty and low budget – talk about a win/win!

Of course, you can do any of these costumes on a smaller budget. Either way, Halloween is a time to dress up like something/someone you’re not, so have at it. When else is it acceptable to walk around half naked and claim that it’s a “sexy (insert any animal here)”? Exactly.

Have fun, be safe, and when in absolute doubt:
Ladies – Eyeliner whisker and nose. Two buns. Black dress. Kitty.
Fellas – White dress shirt. Socks. Wayfarers. Risky Business.

You’re all welcome.

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