If you have an Instagram, you’ll know what the Anaheim Packing House is. From its social media-friendly aesthetic to its variety of food, drinks, desserts, and music, the Anaheim Packing House is perfect for date night!

First, let’s grab drinks at Hammer Bar.

Located at the top of the stairs, the Hammer Bar is a great place to meet up and grab a drink before dinner. Not only do they have cocktails, but they also have beers and wines that can be transferred into plastic cups if you want to walk around and roam about. If you dare, try the Dealer’s Choice, where the bartender creates a custom cocktail just for you.

Stay upstairs for dinner at Georgia’s Restaurant.

Next to Han’s Ice Cream, Georgia’s brings the southern comfort along with its southern menu — the owner personally comes around and asks how you’re doing! From the garlic fries to the grilled chicken sandwich to the pulled pork sandwich, Georgia’s is the perfect decision for a yummy night.

*TIP FROM YELP: if you sit at their tables, you get free cornbread, and who doesn’t love free cornbread?!*

Explore the foliage and find something sweet at Dark180 Chocolate.

Nothing will satisfy that sweet tooth better than Dark180 Chocolate. Highly praised for its varieties in affogatos, this chocolate bar will get you chocolate wasted in no time — you’ll af-forget about all of your nerves if this is your first date!

Awkward silences cease to exist with live music at the Anaheim Packing House.

Check the calendar [link: http://anaheimpackingdistrict.com/calendar/events] to see the entertainment schedule! There’s live music every weekend to spice up your night and add a great ambiance to the already date-y environment.

There are tons of other great areas to visit, including the Instagram-famous Pop Bar to the speakeasy downstairs, so feel free to explore! The Anaheim Packing House in itself is date-worthy, so whether you’re on your first date or your five-thousandth, the Anaheim Packing House is ready to cater your every need.

Christina Kim

Christina Kim keeps her days very busy with work, school writing for other blogs, and updating her personal blog. She is a recent UCLA graduate and is currently attending USC working on getting her Masters Degree in teaching with a concentration in Secondary Single Subject English.