During the holiday season, you may catch yourself in a frantic frenzy searching the perfect gifts for your family and friends. To go along that perfect gift is the way you wrap it. A beautifully wrapped gift shows you really cared about the person. In today’s Do It Yourself segment, we give your our best 5 DIY gift wrapping ideas.

5 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas:

Stenciled Paper

Create your very own wrapping paper with this idea! Get yourself a sturdy white butcher paper. The butcher paper will create a perfect blank canvas for stenciled-on holiday designs. The thickness of the paper ensures no wrinkles or pucker from the paint. First cut the paper to the size you will need. Position the stenciled design on the paper and apply acrylic craft paint with stencil brush or pouncer. Afterwards, allow the paint to dry flat before wrapping your gift. Your local arts & crafts store will have the items provided for this idea.

Glittered Photo Gift Tags

Wrapping up your gift beautifully is just part of the whole representation. A crafted tag will complete your gift. Here is how it is done. Acquire a white card stock, then glue a 2” x 2” photo of the person you are giving the gift onto the card. Add glitter on the edges before attaching the photo to add a bit of glitz! You can print this template to make things easier

Lace Doily and Yarn Pom-Pom

This gift wrap comes together as easy as 1-2-3. Place your gift in a pretty box with a paper doily on top. Hold the doily in place with tape on the sides or glue dots. In order to make the pom-pom you will have wrap several loops of yarn around your fingers. Knot the loops in the middle and then trim the knotted yarn into a rounded pom-pom shape. There you have it! A beautifully custom made wrapped gift.

3-D Christmas Tree

Instead of using a pretty bow create a three-dimensional Christmas tree topper! Cut a pie a shape that is ⅓ of a large circle out of green card stock to create the tree. Score the center of the pie shape card, then fold the paper outward accordion style at evenly spaced intervals. Glue down the edges of the folder paper tree onto the wrapped gift and adorn the top with a paper star. Rickrack garland and a brown paper trunk. Ta-da! A beautiful 3-D Christmas tree.

Game Tile Gift Tag

This is possibly the coolest idea for a gift tag we have ever seen. Use old Scrabble tiles and twine for this creative gift tag. Loop a long piece of twine and attach the tiles to the twine loop with glue. Leave enough space above the tiles to act as a hanger and bit of twine below the letter to attach a tassel. The tassel can be made by cutting six small pieces of twine. Gather them together in the center and then knot them onto the bottom of the twine below the tiles.

Get to crafting!

There you have it! 5 creative do it yourself gift wrapping ideas. Follow any of these ideas and certainly your gift will be the most outstanding gift from everyone else. Who know’s maybe next year people will ask you to wrap their gifts!

Francisco Macia

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