For today’s segment we chose to write about an excellent company named The Camp Transformation Center. They focus on helping people lose weight in the healthiest way possible, this includes things like doing exercise and providing their clients with strategies to help them balance what they eat so that they don’t fall back into old habits and lose the progress already made.

Unlike many other companies,the owners at The Camp Transformation Center are very involved with helping their clients. They personally help their clients achieve the results they want, using in-house programs such as the “Home of the free 6 week challenge” which consist on a daily routine that lasts 6 weeks. If the routine is successfully completed then the program is given to the client free of charge.

Yes, that means that not only don’t people have to pay, but they’re also able to achieve lasting results, it’s a win-win situation. Visit their website for more information and tons of before and after shots.

Address: 755 W 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA
Phone: 949-287-6677

Harold D. Aguirre

Harold D. Aguirre

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Harold D. Aguirre

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