Fall has finally made its way to the west coast (really, take your time Autumn, all of us love wearing shorts in November). With the changing of seasons come the changes in your wardrobe, and it is im-pair-ative that your shoe game is on point. Take a look at what’s trending for fall in the shoe department!

We Like Our Boots Over Our Knees and Heeled, Thanks

From suede to leather to printed, you knee’d a pair of over the knee boots to stomp all over the place. You can get them in virtually any color, from neutral fall shades to the classic browns and charcoals that transition easily into winter, which is apparently right around the corner.

Link: www.loveculture.com/1000048985.html?dwvar_1000048985_color_code=271#start=49

Too Mule For School

Whether you’re wearing them with a slim ankle jean or a flowy high waisted skirt, mules are a perfect fall shoe to make you look like a mature adult who has your life together even though you probably don’t.

It’s ok though; you have great shoes.

Link: www.loveculture.com/1000048155.html?dwvar_1000048155_color_code=271#start=74

I Found You, Miss New Bootie

Bootie, bootie, bootie, bootie rockin’ everywhere. Seriously though. If you don’t own a bootie or high ankle boot in a shade of brown or black for fall, I don’t know how you’ve gotten this far in life.

Link: www.loveculture.com/1000048168.html?dwvar_1000048168_color_code=235#start=79

There are tons of other fall shoes that you should invest in: anything lace up is a must and anything in a suede and leather material is exactly what you need! Make it happen because before you know it, you’ll be searching for gladiator sandals sooner than you think.

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