Sapphire Diaries - Fall Fashion

Southern California has hit record highs in temperature, but fall is here and it is time to take a look at the latest in fall fashion.

For this month’s Fashion File segment, we highlight Orange County’s very own Missy Ulmer. Missy lives in Orange County with her husband Chad, stepdaughter Lily, and son Max. Sapphire Diaries is her fashion journal and a peek into her life.

In her latest blog post Missy highlights a Black Tulle Skirt.

Missy writes:

“When I put on this black tulle skirt, I was immediately transformed into a naughty ballerina. LOL. P.S. I am completely delirious right now. This look was actually inspired by an outfit I saw in a catalog at my mom’s house for high-end skiwear. The skirt in the catalog was some crazy price like $5,000 (not even kidding), and I thought it would be fun to recreate the look for less. There are a lot of tulle skirts online, and they are either super expensive or cheapie. I was striving for something in between, and this one is my favorite (and the one I wore in the photos). The mix of a plaid button down and tulle skirt is unexpected and fun, and I paired it with one of my favorite wardrobe basics which are these black booties. And just a side note on the plaid top- it is super comfy and has a relaxed fit where the buttons don’t gape at the bust (pet peeve). It the perfect casual, everyday mama shirt for sure. I can’t wait until the weather cools a bit, and I can wear it.”

“Mixing high end products with more affordable items is a popular trend right now in home decor and fashion.”

Since fall is here, black works well, but burgundy or a subtle beige color could be a good alternative.

As for the plaid button down, I personally love plaid, and once the weather starts changing I think the long sleeve is great for the day. But, what about at night? You could pair this outfit with a honeycomb knit sweater, a blazer, or a leather jacket.

At we love Missy’s blog and think she’s doing an awesome job of bringing her fashion to the public. Kudos to you Missy!

Check out Missy’s blog at Sapphire Diaries
Photography by: Taylor Cole

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