Now that 2016 has made its grand entrance, I’m sure we’ve all seen many #NewYearNewMe posts. Most of us are probably rolling our eyes at them and being real with ourselves — how long is it going to take for that resolution to be broken, right? Right.

One of the biggest resolutions that has stayed consistent throughout the years is to get in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Sure, that resolution is the easiest to break (donuts just taste SO DAMN GOOD) but with a good attitude, anything is possible!

Ok let’s be realistic; we’re all adults here. A positive attitude will only get us so far when it comes to working out, so why not at least do it in style? Here are a few active wear pieces that may or may not encourage you to sweat — or glisten — a little more.


There’s no denying the big athletic brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor. With the evolution of high fashion active wear this past year, these brands have grown to become trendy both in and out of the gym. You can find the bigger brands in other stores and sites, including places like Dick’s Sporting Goods to online sites like Amazon. From the simple sports bras with the swoosh to the running shoes you can wear to the office on those lazy Tuesdays, Nike works with every look you’re going for, so… just do it.


For all my bendy babes who are all about that #namaste lifestyle, Lululemon is probably not a foreign word to you. With the breathing, fit, and fabulous workout gear, Lululemon makes going to work out a little easier and a lot more stylish with their colored yoga mats to printed leggings.

Love Culture

Many fast fashion stores are now carrying activewear lines, including F21 and H&M. With the collaborations and crossovers, it’s easier to find your favorite new sports bra while shopping for your new favorite dress; killing two birds with one stone is cardio, right? My personal favorite thing about finding activewear at fast fashion stores is the duality in the item; I can wear my cute new sports bra to the gym but also with a pair of high waisted pants, heels, and a leather jacket. Smart shopping burns calories guys, I promise.

Private Party

To all my babes who like making a statement both in and out of the gym, Private Party might be the brand for you. Known for their super relevant pop culture references, Private Party has a fitness collection, clad with mildly appropriate rap lyrics. Though the brand is a bit more on the expensive side, these items are definitely able to be worn wherever, and you can trust that you’ll always look Instagrammable.

Whether you choose to stay the classic route or take a new turn, becoming active and healthy is not something unachievable. As much as we may not think about it, the way we look can affect how we feel. New year, new goals, new clothes — look good and FEEL good!

Christina Kim

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