October is here and it’s time to get together with family and/or friends to watch some Halloween movies. So we decided to help you guys choose the right scary movie to watch depending on whom you are watching it with. We have divided the movies into 3 categories: Family, Adult and Cult Classics. So, without further ado, here are our top five scary movies for each category.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

This take on the classic holiday fairy tale is pretty unique to say the least. Its awesome use of stop motion makes it a great movie for kids and adults alike.

The Corpse Bride

Yes we know, Tim Burton’s on this list 3 times, he’s is an awesome director and kinda owns that whole glum, melancholy Halloween vibe. This is another great stop motion classic to add to the family October movie list.


Who hasn’t seen Beetlejuice? The banana song by Harry Belfonte scene is the reason I was really into Calypso for like a week. Keep an eye out for any news on a Beetlejuice sequel. Rumor has it that it’s supposed to be coming out soon.

The Addams Family


This is an American classic that every family should watch in October. You get to see an innocent Christina Ricci before turning vixen in black snake moan.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


It’s hard not to love this movie! No American Holiday is complete without watching a movie about the Peanut Gang. I hear they are also coming out with a new Peanut Movie, they even have an app out where you can turn yourself into a character.

Classics (for adults)


C’mon it’s Halloween! Michael Myers is right up there with Jason and Freddy as one of the scariest dudes on film. I’d have to say it sets the standard for classic slasher films.

Friday the 13th


It’s hard to pick whether you want to watch the first one or the second one, but we have to choose the classic. (spoiler alert!) Jason wasn’t the murderer in the first one, it was his mom. The first movie defined 80’s horror, which was basically teenage sex + drugs = murder.



You know what’s coming, everyone tells you it’s coming, yet you still jump! This movie might have single handedly re-ignited the suspense horror film genre.

The Ring

Whatever you do, don’t watch this video. Almost everyone has trouble sleeping after hearing this line. I remember this movie scared me as a kid after watching the awkward movements the girls makes in the movie. You’ll know what I mean after you see it! But remember, once you watch the video, there’s no going back…

Nightmare on Elm Street (part 1)

Yeah we know, we’re not really choosing any of the newer remakes. It’s mostly due to the fact that the new movies don’t really measure up to the originals. Part 3 was actually written by the director of the hit TV series The Walking Dead, Frank Darabont, who was also the director for Green Mile and Shawshank redemption.

Cult Hits

The Haunting

This is one of those movies you want to watch under the blankets with the lights off. Its timely use of sinister music, lighting and special effects makes it one of the best scary movies ever. This is one of the few originals that got it right from the start.

Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks has made nothing but classics in the movie industry.So it’s no suprise this one made it on our list.

The Blair Witch Project

You guys remember when we all thought this was real? Ahhh the 90’s, how we miss the good old days when we were more naive. Let’s go camping!

Night Of The Living Dead

The original zombie movie (the remake isn’t bad either), this film pretty much set the tone for all of the zombie movies that came out after it. This movie has so many stars in it we can’t mention them all. It also has a mass of devoted fans that give it its cult status.

So there you have it…our list of favorite scary movies…and not so scary movies. Like all holidays, Halloween is a time to get together with loved ones and friends, why not scare the hell out of them?

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