MetroLink is a public transportation company that operates on seven regional lines: Ventura County, Antelope Valley, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County, Inland Empire-Orange County and 91 Line. They are in their 20th year of commuter train service within Southern California and they keep adding routes at a steady pace. They also take daily passenger counts to make sure there are enough open seats for each trip. “Going Green” Metrolink debuted their Crash Energy Management cars in the Fall of 2010.

So what are the benefits of using MetroLink?

  1. Save Money- Most people think that if they take their car to work, they will save more money in the long run. Sadly, this isn’t the case. MetroLink offers affordable ticket plans that are sure you save you money over time. The average American spends thousands of dollars on their car repair fees, gas, loan payments, parking fees, taxes, insurance and licensing. If you add MetroLink to your benefits package, you can save upwards of $600 a year on travel expenses. Not to mention the fact that you get free transit connections! (City bus, shuttle bus, light rail and subway lines to name a few). For more information, click on the following link:
  2. Environmentally Friendly- MetroLink is one of the greenest forms of travel because it’s a form of mass public transport. This means that leaving your car at home can help reduce California’s carbon emissions.
  3. You’re not stuck in traffic!- In big cities like we have in California where traffic is an issue, MetroLink can be used to your advantage. MetroLink is one of the quickest forms of travel in Southern California. In addition to this, you’ll have some free time before work to catch up on reading, writing, relaxing or maybe even a bit of sleep. Things you wouldn’t be able to do comfortably if you’re stuck in traffic.

How To Ride MetroLink

Riding MetroLink is a very easy process. There are 5 basic steps:

Step 1- Find your station

Start off by checking which station is closest to you and which on is closest to your destination.


Step 2- Plan your trip

Check the MetroLink page and plan your trip.

MetroLink Page:

Step 3- Buy your tickets

MetroLink won’t make online ticket sales available until 2016, so it’s very important to arrive at the station 15 minutes early to purchase your tickets at a Ticket Vending Machine inside the station.

Ticket Pricing:

Step 4- Board your train

Use the signs inside the station to find your designated track. Stay safely behind the yellow line painted on the platform and wait for train to make a complete stop before boarding. The signs on the windows of the train show its destination.

MetroLink Schedule:

Step 5- Exit the train

Exit the train once you have reached your destination.

Here is a short 1 Minute video on how to ride MetroLink:

Now that you have learned all of the basic information about MetroLink, why not give it a try? Stay tuned for our own adventures on MetroLink!


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