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Am I 40 Yet? - Donna Estudillo

A native Californian, Donna Estudillo was born in San Francisco, and has lived most of her childhood and adulthood in Greater Los Angeles. She has one amazing daughter, Madison; an older brother, Don (yes, Don and Donna, go ahead and laugh), whose sole purpose growing up (seemingly) was to torment her; ultra-conservative Filipino Catholic parents who spend countless hours at church praying for her sins; and about half a dozen girlfriends she considers her family (and not to mention, her committee of consultants for every guy-related issue that comes up.)

According to Donna:

“I’m an expert at making inappropriate and tasteless jokes. I’m petite but with a bigger personality than my 5’1”, 100 lb.-frame would suggest. With chipmunk cheeks and the skin problems of a hormonal teenager, I’m often mistaken for being much younger than my actual age. I talk like a sailor and hate public speaking. But I can dance without an ounce of shyness, thanks to drill team in junior high and dance in high school (no applause necessary). Not to brag or anything, but I do have a couple trophies to prove I was pretty good, and these days, it’s no surprise when bystanders form a circle around me while I’m dancing in a club, er, I mean, in my dreams.

Food and I are frenemies-which always leads to donut, fries, and pasta binges alternating with juice cleanses, sugar detoxes, and hot yoga sessions.

I have loved boys for as long as I can remember. My first big crush was in 1st grade: David-those dark blue pants, light blue shirt, brown cowboy boots, and dirty blonde hair…wow. On most days, David could be found sitting on a bench during recess-it must’ve been hard to run around and play while wearing those boots, but if I looked as good as he did in them, I’d sacrifice a couple panty-exposing twirls on the bars and thigh-burns down the slide to just sit and look pretty. Sorry, I digress (them boots though…) I would hula-hoop nearby hoping to catch his eye. I’d imagine him complimenting me on my hula hooping skills (a talent I never lost, in case that’s a testament to being highly skilled in other areas, just sayin’). Anyway, David gave me a quick glance at best. Bastard. He’s probably married by now but not to a keeper like me, I’m sure. I’ve got bad jokes, bad habits, and a bad mouth-poor David, he’s SO missing out.

The one thing I’ve been meaning to do, should do, must do, but can’t do (and don’t say “find a husband”)? Swim. I took a handful of swimming lessons when I was 9ish and didn’t jump in a pool much after that. Water play usually meant running across the lawn while my grandma watered the grass. The last boyfriend, an avid ocean swimmer, was supposed to teach me how to swim, but we broke up soon after our first lesson, like a week after actually…so, there goes that. I’ll learn how to swim (without my floaties) someday soon, I promise.

Back to my daughter…yes, I have a daughter who’s 8 (at the launch of this blog). She is my everything, but as nature would have it, she looks exactly like her father and parts of her personality remind me of that fact, too. She’s feisty, sensitive, and stubborn like her mother, but also kind, thoughtful, and shy, like God knows who. And she has an attention span of a, well, 8 year-old. A natural at golf-a future Michelle Wie, I hope-and a natural at pissing me off, too. But I love her so.”

More about Donna:

Avoids at all costs: heights and scary movies. And lately, Tinder guys with shirtless pics and occupations such as “actor/producer,” which has often meant “jobless.” On the other hand, cannot avoid a man who’s smart and funny…(Just like me!!)

Current occupation: Registered Nurse, who also daydreams about curating the perfect wardrobe, designing her future dream home, traveling the world, while trying to figure out a way to get paid to do all three things. She’s also very involved in a non-profit charity that helps moms battling cancer. It’s her way to do some good and show gratefulness to the universe.

Current vibes: only positive ones. Which have led to this blog-an idea conceived after turmoil, inspired by a determination to get her shit together, and launched at the start of her 38th year. She writes, she learns, she shares…and hopefully, she entertains and inspires.

For more on why Donna is putting it all out there without a care, and at the risk of some head-shaking by embarrassed friends, family, and (definitely) boyfriends and boy toys, read her first post (!

Donna Estudillo

Donna Estudillo

RN and associate program director for a non-profit charity, plus mom who's working on being the hardest spiritual gangsta around, living the YOLO life and enjoying mishaps along the way. Current vibes: only positive ones -- which have led to her blog ( "Am I 40 Yet?" is an idea conceived after turmoil, inspired by a determination to get her sh*t together, and launched at the start of her 38th year. She writes, she learns, she shares…and hopefully, she entertains and inspires.
Donna Estudillo

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