A letter to my Cool Kids Club,

Think back to when you were a child; or maybe you don’t even need to go back that far. Is there something in your life you feel like you missed out on? Something you perceive as unattainable? I have one and I’m going to share it with you. When I was in High School I took several photography classes. I loved them. We developed our own film and prints…even matted them. I went home one day and asked my mom if we could convert part of our rather large, but somewhat cluttered, basement into a dark room. Due to the space limitations she told me no. I’ve held onto that dream of mine for my entire adult life. Through growing a family, moving across the country, buying two different houses with plenty of space. Somehow it never occurred to me that I could really still have that darkroom I always desired. It’s absurd actually, but I had an epiphany recently and decided that OF COURSE I could have a dark room! Why couldn’t I?! So now, even though my film camera is long gone, I have no enlarger or any other film equipment, and need to reorganize my garage to make a space that I can use, I have decided that I WILL make a dark room for myself and begin shooting and developing my own film again.

Keystone of my 2016

Processed and printed circa 1994-95

Processed and printed circa 1994-95

I challenge you. Pick one thing to accomplish in 2016 that you have always wanted to do, and do it. Share it with me on FB or IG (@EarthbyEnnis) I can’t wait to buy a new film camera, design my space, and find an old enlarger to use. I may even go a little farther and mat my own images like I used to. Why not? This is my one and only life and there is no reason why I shouldn’t live it to its fullest. No reason you shouldn’t either.


Francisco Macia

Francisco Macia is a staff writer for OC Foodie Fest. He is an Orange County native from Mission Viejo.He enjoys attending many events in Orange County and discovering new restaurants, bars and cool places in Orange County. When he's not writing, Francisco can be found body boarding at the beach or playing basketball with friends.

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