It’s 10:32pm on Friday, 3.18.16, and the night is unusually warm for March as the line for Sutra wraps around the corner and alongside SaddleRanch in Newport Beach. You walk in and hear Lil’ Jon telling you to turn down for something as you pass by tables filled with guys popping bottles and girls celebrating someone’s 23rd birthday with a trendy pair of gold balloons you know will be perfect for an Instagram shot. The room is illuminated by the strobing lights, as most people are dancing or looking for their next regret at the bar. Whether you’re taking shots at a table or taking a shot at the cute girl in line for the bathroom, everyone is at Sutra for one thing: ARMNHMR.

Who are you (personally) + where are you from?
My name is Joseph Chung and I am originally from a small suburb city in Northern California known as Millbrae.

Were you always interested in music?
Yes, my whole family is involved with music and art. My mother is a dancer and both my sister and father sing.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?
Artists such as Mat Zo, Deadmau5 and Laidback Luke really helped shape my creativity into what it is today.

What is ARMNHMR?
ARMNHMR is a producer duo that was established in 2013.

How did you guys come up with the name?
I loved the visual aesthetic that of MSTRKRFT so I utilized that to shape our name into a similar style.

What was your first produced track and how was the process? How did you pick the song, what did a daily routine look like in creating it, how long did it take collectively?
My first produced track was some pretty hilarious stuff. Unfortunately I don’t have the link as it’s so old. Let’s just say it’s best to keep it locked up in the tool shed.

A daily routine for my production is spur of the moment. At any given time an idea might come to my head so I make note of it. Making a song can take as fast as a day and even long as a few months.

What’s one of the coolest things that has happened thus far in your ARMNHMR career?
One of the coolest things to ever happen to us would probably have to be getting support from Laidback Luke. He is not only a legend but the producer that jump started my hunger to make music.

What is the ultimate dream?
My ultimate dream would have to be traveling around the world playing music. The idea of waking up in a new city is amazing.

Any upcoming plans/gigs/songs that we can look forward to?
We have tons of music in the works with our very first EP underway. We plan to release it all ASAP.

Lastly, what is your favorite place to eat in OC?
In OC, I would have to probably say Chicken Maison. It’s a place you can always go to and know the quality will be on point. They should feed me for this plug, haha.


Take a listen to ARMNHMR and follow their journey through their social media:

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