There is nothing like visiting the mountains in Southern California in December. In today’s Staycation segment we highlight Big Bear. Round up the family and head out towards Big Bear mountain for a fun-filled staycation.

Where to stay in Big Bear?

Big Bear makes for the perfect Staycation destination, especially if you have family and friends visiting from outside of town. Big Bear’s clean and fresh air, and scenic wonders are perfect reasons for a nice getaway.

The best part about Big Bear is that there are plenty of lodging services for you to choose from. Lodging such as bed & breakfasts spots, luxurious vacation rentals, resort cabins, and full bedroom hotels. These places are all scattered around the mountain, you can stay close to the slopes, near Big Bear lake, in the village or out on the countryside. Big Bear has it all no matter your budget or what your taste is. For additional information about where you can stay visit or

Things To Do in Big Bear?

Just as there are many places to stay in Big Bear, there are plenty of things to do. The most obvious one is hitting the slopes! You can bring your own snowboarding or skiing gear or rent them out for the day and shred some fresh powder. There are also plenty of boutique shops in the village to visit. For a more relaxing day, schedule an appointment at one of the massage and spas that Big Bear has to offer. Above all these activities we have to say there are two that top them all. The first is going outside and finding a slope to sled down. The second is also going outside, rolling up a perfectly compacted snowball and hucking it at your younger brother. Visit for more information and to see what events are happening.

Where to Eat in Big Bear?

An epic snowball fight with family will surely stir up some hunger for some. Thankfully there are plenty of restaurants that you and the family can eat at. Big Bear offer a variety of cuisines from steakhouse, pasta & pizza, seafood and more. There is something for everyone! Check out this list of restaurants to enjoy a satisfying meal

There you have it! Big Bear is the great place for your family’ December staycation. Shred the mountains with your friends and family or bomb the baddest hill with your sled.

Francisco Macia

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