Even though the SoCal weather’s consistency is what gives us trust issues, the temperatures are finally rising (for the most part — what was with the random rain?!). With Spring Break, festival season, and summer pool parties approaching, it’s time to look hot and feel hot. It’s not about finding the right bikinis anymore; it’s about finding the perfect summer looks, the perfect IG worthy accessories, and the perfect spring “I’m not trying but I’m totally trying” #OOTD’s. From bikinis to cover ups to poolside accessories, you’ll be more than ready to own it this season: Spring it ON!


Who said dresses are the only ones to be little and black? Yes, black is obviously not a conventional spring or summer color, and a black bikini is most likely not going to make you look slimmer, seeing as that you’re pretty naked anyway, BUT I will say that black looks amazing on everybody. Keep is simple and minimal, in both design and price!

Fringe w/Benefits

Talk fringey to me. Yes, fringe bikinis came out last year and yes, they’re still in. If you missed the trend last year, you’re in luck. Fringe tops benefit every chest, giving a little more oomph for the ladies who need some chest lovin’ while looking chic and sexy for the babes who are a bit more… blessed in that region.

Block it Like It’s Hot


Color blocks are an absolute fave and super trendy in the swim world. You need the perfect color block bikini when you need that pop of color; remember, spring and summer are seasons where you can bust out your colorful clothing and accessories. Don’t worry if it’s too bright — that’s what sunglasses are for, duh!

One Piece of My Heart


I don’t know what it is with all the girls in our generation these days, but mermaids are cool, so obviously you’ll need this one piece. I know, you’re skeptical of this whole ‘one piece’ thing; the last time you wore one, it was made by Speedo (the company, not the banana hammocks we refer to nowadays) and purchased at Costco for your summer swim lessons held at the community center. You’re now a full fledged woman with curves and cellulite that just won’t quit, and a one piece is the last thing on your mind. However, I’m here to tell you that a one piece is amazing because everything is held in + they come in cute colors with witty and sarcastic pop culture references. Talk about win win win win… win.

Cover Us Up


Apparently it’s not ok for most people to walk around in their bathing suits in public (what’s that all about), but luckily, we’ve got you covered (haha). Find the perfect net crochet dresses and cover ups to slip on after the pool when you want to grab a bite to eat or even have to make an appearance somewhere because this cover up is cute just as a regular dress! The options are endless.

Swan Dive In


If you’re like me, all last year you might have seen tons of celebs posting these giant pool floaties of donuts and flamingos and pizzas. You know they’re totally useless but for some reason, you want 48 of them even though you don’t have a pool. Alas, these giant pool floaties are becoming a norm for all swim parties and events, so snag yourself one of many and host the perfect pool party — better yet, host a BYOF party and have the best floatie to bring to your own party.

You Wanna Pizza Me?


Do you need this huge beach blanket in the shape of a pizza? Probably not. Are you intrigued and probably going to get it? Absolutely. From pizzas to hamburgers, beach towels have gotten a makeover, so let them shine and have the best towel at the beach this summer!

Don’t sit around and wait for summer to come by with nothing to wear. Dive in and surf the internet to find your perfect poolside needs!

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