Football season is here, baseball playoffs are around the corner, basketball and hockey are about to start. At OC Foodie Fest we want to help up your tailgate game with these 5 tailgating tips.

1. Pack your cooler right!
I’ve been packing my cooler a certain way since, forever, but after taking a look at a great infographic from I came to realization that I was doing it wrong. This is the correct way to pack your cooler.

2. Plan your menu and prep the day before.
Don’t get caught slicing tomatoes and onions in the parking lot, makes sure to do it the day before and pack it up conveniently for the big day.

3. Arrive 3 to 4 hours early.
The parking lot before any big game will be a sea of cars. Getting in early and firing up the BBQ is a smart move. Usually motorhomes and campers arrive early and those are always the best to be around when tailgating.

4. Fly a Flag
Save yourself the phone tag and messaging and enjoy your tailgate party by flying a unique flag and letting your friends know the general area. I always use a giant pirate flag that I picked up at the swapmeet, can’t miss it.

5. Wear team colors!
Yeah this is pretty obvious, but it doesn’t have to stop at your clothing. The best tailgate parties I’ve ever been to are the ones where the cars are all decked out and even the food has a theme. So go nuts!

Francisco Macia

Francisco Macia is a staff writer for OC Foodie Fest. He is an Orange County native from Mission Viejo.He enjoys attending many events in Orange County and discovering new restaurants, bars and cool places in Orange County. When he's not writing, Francisco can be found body boarding at the beach or playing basketball with friends.

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