Southern California is more than just nice restaurants and beautiful people. Yes, our region is also home to some of the best artistic establishments in the world! It’s time to enjoy EVERYTHING that Southern California has to offer, starting with three awesome museums in So Cal.

The Stairwell

The Stairwell micro-gallery. Picture courtesy of: The Stairwell. Photo by: Jansen Teo Photography.

The Stairwell in Long Beach is a micro gallery located at the entrance of M.A.D.E. on 2nd Street in Long Beach. A simple staircase is transformed into a gallery of creative art pieces that transcend the normal and take you to the unique.

The gallery makes a point of placing art and inspiring creative imagery in unconventional spaces. The Stairwell micro gallery is open to the public encouraging them to participate in the creative process and discovering works of art created in their very own neighborhood.

International Surfing Museum

International Surf Musuem. Picture courtesy of International Surf Museum.

Visit International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach, city to the surfers. The museum features everything surf related and has been chosen as an Icon of Orange County. The museum features exhibits, a gift store and an awesome photo gallery.

The International Surfing Museum is a non-profit organization devoted to protect the past, present, influence the future of all surfing culture. Historic surfboards from legendary surfers can be seen on display. The museum has been dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku, who is regarded as the person who made the modern sport of surfing popular.

Dax Gallery

Dax Gallery. Picture courtesy of: Dax Gallery

Dax Gallery in Costa Mesa features eclectic art done by artists you may not have heard about, but will someday. You could spend hours in this art gallery just trying to decipher what the artists are saying.

The Dax Gallery have joined forces with rising local art scene in Costa Mesa to leave a lasting footprint in the art culture of Costa Mesa. Dax Gallery is the prime hub of the Urban Fine Art movement in Orange County, adding a new exciting element to the local art scene. You can find Dax Gallery a street down from South Coast Plaza just behind The Camp.

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