Trying to think of something to give to that special someone that shows you put effort and thought into their Valentine’s day gifts this year. Whether trying make a present on a budget or just show your affection, we have your covered.

Guys Present - The Manly Bouquet

This manly bouquet allows you to give your guy all the essentials that he loves: underwear, undershirts, socks, workout gear, alcohol, and anything else you’d like to add. Giving them a ton of great gifts in a cute and creative display that girls love to do. What you’ll need: something to put the flowers in (bucket, vase, etc.), styrofoam block to put into the bucket, the flower stems (a plastic or wood stick), green tissue paper to wrap around the stems and anything else you would like to use to decorate the bucket/vase (all of which you can buy at your local art supply store).

Lady’s Gift

This gift is involves a bit more effort, but your time will definitely not go unappreciated with this custom leather heart key chain for your lady. This gift is definitely something that will be treasured. What you’ll need: Pre Cut Leather Heart, a leather alphabet stamping kit, a punch that can go through leather (like the crop a dile) or an awl hole punch set, eyelets / jump rings, key chain, leather conditioner to seal the leather when you’re done (suggested). All of these items should be able to be found at your local art supply store / fabric store for the leather.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Here are Valentine’s day gifts for him and for her that are sure to get a heartfelt reaction, and if all else fails go on, buy something homemade (by someone else), and just don’t correct your Valentine when they assume you made it.

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