I did not just “wake up like this” and I’m going to guess you probably didn’t either. But if you did, I kind of hate you.

Let’s get it straight. Looking “flawless” takes a lot of work for some of us. Haircut, color, and highlights every couple months for me—to keep my bob from ever getting past a lob, to cover up those grays (which are so damn determined to out my true age), and to maintain my “natural” blonde highlights. Regularly scheduled wax sessions for perfectly arched brows and an upper lip looking more Cristiano Ronaldo and less Zach Galifianakis.

Makeup is a whole other beast. Let’s just say this skin doesn’t even itself out and my eyes don’t smoke themselves. And new to the regimen? Lash extensions. Because I may or may not have had a traumatizing glue-on fake eyelash strip fail during a date (Why thank you, Tinder match, for pointing out how my eyelashes have migrated from my eyelid to my eyebrow. Observant and honest—definitely future husband material.)

If you require any or all of the above beauty regimens, you know it takes a lot of time and also takes a village. And there are days you’re so over DIY-ing and no matter how many beauty blogs you watch, your MUA skills just suck, period. And then there are those big days, like an exciting girls night out when social media requires you to be #squad photo-ready or your once-in-a-lifetime wedding when you’ve got cameras pointing at you all day so you can’t afford any makeup mishaps.

For such days, Vanity Belle’s got your back (well, technically, they got your hair and face). And they’ve got CHAMPAGNE.

Vanity Belle is a hidden gem tucked away in an unassuming strip mall located on the Back Bay of East Side Costa Mesa. Be ready to walk into a clean, bright, intimate and beautifully designed space and expect to be pampered by some super talented and fun makeup and hair artists. They’re known for getting brides’ and bridal parties’ makeup and hair ready for the big day. In fact, Vanity Belle received the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Awards for best local vendors in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

So, bridal services? Check. Not to mention unique options like a bridal suite rental and boudoir photo shoot.

And their menu of services goes beyond treatment for the bride and her entourage. “Bar” you say? Not that kind of bar. It’s a blowout dry bar, makeup bar, facial bar, and brow bar—the best kind of bar—where you leave standing upright, without regrets, and feeling and looking more glam than when you walked in (even without the beer goggles).

Makeup lessons? Check. Get a little bit of hands on training for when those youtube tutorials are doing you no good. (Sign me up!)

I tried booking a bridal consultation with Vanity Belle, but then they started asking me all these difficult questions I couldn’t answer, like “When is the wedding day?” Because I don’t have a wedding day. Nor am I engaged. And did I mention, I’m currently single? Oh well. Until then, find me at Vanity Belle a couple hours every month falling asleep (possibly champagne-induced) while getting lash extensions by Sam so I can actually “wake up like this” and getting my makeup done for upcoming weddings (not my own, obviously) over some really good raw girl talk with Kandice, one of my favorite Vanity Belle artists. I’ve done my fair share of beauty maintenance over the years, so as an expert, trust when I liken Vanity Belle to an all-inclusive resort where you receive top notch service, you’ve got everything you could possibly need in one spot, and you leave feeling pampered and excited to book your next visit.

More raving about Vanity Belle coming later this summer—look out for an up close and personal interview with CEO/founder Victoria Nino and husband Jonathan Nino, touted as “the man behind the magic” in charge of operations and client relations. Find out how it all started, what they’re up to now, and what lies ahead—an inspiring story from a pretty damn boss couple.

Book online or send bridal inquiries:
or call:
Costa Mesa 949.650.2355
La Jolla (second location) 858.876.5776

Vanity Belle Costa Mesa team from left to right: Kat (Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist & Educator), Kandice (Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist), Joanna (Hair Stylist), Victoria Nino (CEO/Founder) and Jonathan Nino (Operations and Client Relations)

Donna Estudillo

Donna Estudillo

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